Natural escapes – Ticino

Discover unspoiled natural places in Ticino with the travel guide

Natural escapes
Spectacular swimming spots on waterfalls, rivers and lakes

CHF 39.90

This book is also available in German, French and Italian.

A great book! We were surprised to discover that there are hidden waterfalls in the woods near our favourite camping site – swimming there is like bathing in the jungle! The directions work very well: the swimming spots are exactly where they are described to be.

Johanna G.,


I’ve already gifted this book to several people, and have always had a great response. Many people love Ticino already and are looking for ideas for trips to take with their families. A lot of the swimming spots can also be reached without having to walk very far, which is helpful when you have children in town.

Mike D.,


My friends and I have already taken Natural escapes – Ticino on three outings. On one of them, I discovered my favourite lake for swimming in, which warms up to 28 degrees. I’m not telling you where it is, though. It really makes you want to get out into nature every weekend.

Laura F.,