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Un tuffo in Ticino – Fiumi, cascate e laghi dove fare il bagno e rinfrescarsi

Italian edition


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Iwona Eberle (text) and Christoph Hurni (photos)

Softcover with French flaps, 14.8 × 20 cm, 272 pages
over 300 images
2nd edition, 2022
ISBN 978-88-7713-871-2

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For people of all ages who love to explore, swim and enjoy the outdoors – this book is a guide to spectacular locations on and in the water, including many that almost nobody knows about.
It includes descriptions and photos of 120 swimming spots with turquoise-blue pools, sheer, dramatic cliffs, waterfalls draped in mist and secluded, sandy beaches. They can all be reached on foot in less than an hour starting from a public transport stop or parking area. Maps, coordinates and precise directions show you the easiest ways to get there.
The guide also includes numerous safety tips and information on charming grottoes, ice cream parlours and weekly farmers’ markets.


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